d-fogThe D-FOG system is essentially a collection of FOGLights daisy-chained together, measuring potentially unsafe ground movement over larger areas.

Advantages of D-FOG:

  • Continuous rechargeable system
  • 16m cables supplied provide for spacing differences
  • Total cable distance of 300m may be used
  • Pre-determined values (1.5, 3, 4.5 or 6 mm)
  • D-FOG Units are available in various lengths depending on the thickness of hanging wall being monitored
  • D-FOG Units have 12 months on-board battery life should the charging system fail
  • Stand-alone battery backed-up unit
  • SANS 10108 – units may be used in a hazardous area
  • Power is fed to the Control Box at 110/220VAC
  • Control Box back-up battery drives Robots for 5 hours
  • Control Box has up to 4 strings of 15 Units each (total of 60 Units)