The Jackpot is a hydraulic pre-stressing device for underground mine elongate support products. It was developed  in the late 1990s and has established itself as the market leader in the field. The Jackpot pre-stresses timber mine props at the time of installation, and so provides an immediate, active support to the hanging wall of the mine, providing underground workers with a much safer environment.

jackpot-sa-inflation1Jackpots are essentially single-use hydraulic jacks which are placed on top of timber props and then inflated with high-pressure water through a non-return valve. Under pressures of 120 to 140 bar they expand axially and load the mine props to between 20ton and 50ton, locking the props into place and applying pressure against the hanging wall and foot wall of the mine. This compression closes cracks in the roof and secures loose blocks of rock, in the process reducing rockfalls.

The product has a number of innovative features. One of these is the patented “roll-over” inflation mechanism, which accommodates difficult installations and provides blast resistance to the support. It is widely used in gold and platinum mines, and its design has proved to be tolerant to varying conditions and installation workmanship.


5937-Jackpot-Inflation-AnimationSelf-auditing Valve

Jackpot pre-stressing devices can now be fitted with a load indicator that gives underground workers visual confirmation that the Jackpot has been installed to the required pressure. This system is compatible with the new Tri-lobe Hydrabolt.

Advantages of Jackpots

  • Easy to install
  • Immediate pre-stressing of the hanging
  • Active support reduces blast-out of sticks
  • Patented roll-over design increases load capacity
  • Blast resistant internal valve


jackpot-range-new-capsJackpots are available in the following sizes: JP140, JP160, JP183, JP220 & JP260*. The size refers to the inner diameter of the Jackpot which fits over the timber pole. Jackpots are exported worldwide, from Australia and Fiji to Germany and the Americas.

*JP260 Lead time confirmed upon enquiry.