The Rockstop and Rockstrap range of safety nets are used as areal coverage to protect miners from falls of ground occurring between installed permanent and temporary support. The nets can be suspended from temporary supports adjacent to the work face, such as temporary mechanical jacks, and connected to previously installed roofbolts and elongates. The installation of the nets allows miners to move within the work area with the additional protection of the nets improving safety in the work area. Rockstop nets are made from webbing which is treated with a waterproof chemical ensuring that they remain lightweight and easy to handle even when wet. Rockstraps are manufactured from a stiffer polymer matrix reinforced with a webbing boundary and are best suited to work areas requiring a stiffer areal coverage. The construction of the Rockstop and Rockstrap is designed to provide a stiff net support to reduce deformation of the net under load. Rockstop nets are designed to safely arrest a 2 ton mass dropped from a 300mm height with minimal deflection. Installation accessories such as tensioners, s-hooks and hook installation tools are available to facilitate the safe installation of nets.